Who Are We?

My love of travel began while stationed in Germany with my husband, a 30-year Army veteran.

In addition to exploring various parts of Germany, we traveled extensively to other countries to include France, Austria, Prague, Holland, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. Our travels continued after returning to the States.

I have enjoyed making group and individual travel arrangements for family and friends and would love to play a part in making your travel dreams a reality. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or that trip of a lifetime, I want to make it happen for you RIGHT NOW!

I apply the same attention to detail to your travel arrangements as I would my own. As a Travel CONSULTANT, I will work with you to personally create a plan that aligns your interests and desires with your time and budget. However, if you prefer to independently search, book and pay for your travel, you may do so using the online booking features on my website.

Regardless of your budget, the length of your trip, or your preferred style of booking, I am committed to ensuring you have the travel experience of a lifetime. My goal is to continue making lifelong travel memories, not just my own, but yours as well.